Hira Society is a charitable organisation headquartered in Singapore.

It was established to promote the total empowerment and development of ex-drugs addicts in Singapore.

  • promotes the total empowerment and deveploment of ex-drugs addicts
  • to adapt and blend into the society.​
  • to build righteous individuals
  • to install moral obligations and relationship with society

Who Are We

Hira is a body or entity that was established for the development of social and moral education especially those whose family members are involved in drugs or crime. The way to approach this group is through the method and wisdom of the contemporary science and psychology in developing a well educated and successful community.

What We Do

Empowering hearts, minds and souls to attain success in life.

Our Service

Hira provides a wide range of educational and social services. Its core education program is to build righteous individuals who understand their moral and obligations and relationship with other human beings and society. There are variety of classes for this purpose.  Classes are also held to provide training in information technology, recreational and professional courses. We also welcome back former drug addicts and counsel and mentor their families to lead them back to the straight path. We conduct spiritual, educational and recreational tours to the Middle East and Asia.  

Collaborating with Yayasan Mendaki

  • Collaborating on programs
  • funding to HIRA Fund
  • services to HIRA for all programs
  • World drug free days printing for our flyers
  • providing ideas to us for job support with SENSE services
  • HGEF (Harun ghani education fund to our beneficiaries with immediate process via HIRA)